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January 24th, 2013

Teen Vogue University | Interview with Scholarship Awardee Madison Hunnicutt

vogueu1 Teen Vogue University | Interview with Scholarship Awardee Madison Hunnicutt

Madison Hunnicutt, a student at Wade University and an aspiring force in the fashion industry, received a scholarship from THE FASHIONISTAS to attend Teen Vogue University in the ultimate capital of style, New York City.  During this three day event, she enjoyed learning from the top industry insiders such as Phillip Lim and Nicole Richie.  Madison was kind enough to share the highlights of her experience with us!

What is Teen Vogue University (for our readers who aren’t aware):

Teen Vogue Fashion University is a 3 day event held in New York City for style obsessed students from around the world to gather and experience a weekend of private events and special guest speakers in order to further their knowledge and love for fashion.

Who was your favorite speaker at TVU and why?

My favorite speaker at TVFU was Phillip Lim. I signed up for his session before his latest collection had launched, without really knowing anything about him and was just needing to fill a time slot. He has such a groundbreaking aesthetic with his designs, and being in his presence I felt surrounded by his contagious energy. I truly believe that he is becoming “the Marc Jacobs of our fashion generation”, completely changing our style perspective.

Did you receive any good advice? If so, what?

I received so much advice over the 3 days, but I really took a lot from Nicole Richie’s. She is a branding extraordinaire and really stressed the importance of honing in on who you are, and portraying that accurately and consistently with everything you touch.

Favorite designer/ brand of the moment?

Lately I have been all about stalking the latest Spring 2013 collections, gathering inspiration and wishing I wasn’t a broke college student. But no designs are more fabulous right now than Miu Miu. And their dress for Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes was by far my favorite of the night!

How has your experience with TVU benefitted your career aspirations in the fashion industry?

TVFU really just solidified what my future fashion goals are. I met so many stylish young people who want the same things in life that I do. The experience also really inspired me with my fashion blog, and I was able to connect with other aspiring and supportive bloggers. I made a lot of great contacts that may come in handy one day.

Favorite part about exploring NYC?

Exploring the city was so surreal for me! It was my first time going, and I was there all by myself, which really allowed me the freedom to explore. The shopping is simply on another level. A great moment for me was seeing Madison Avenue, which is my namesake (via the 80′s Tom Hanks movie, Splash). But I am truly and art enthusiast, and spent most of my time in museums. Seeing my favorite painting, Starry Night, brought tears to my eyes and is something I will never forget. Thank you so much to The Fashionistas and Heidi Dillon for making all this possible for me. I am eternally grateful, and will never be able to accurately express my gratitude.

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